Friday, April 11, 2008

Weekend Surf – Slow start on Saturday but a fun combo on Sunday

We should have some nice conditions and some fun surf over the weekend.

Saturday will start slow with mostly leftovers…a touch of local windswell, some background WNW energy, and some minor SW energy.
Average spots will be around waist-chest high...inconsistent at times, and tide sensitive, but decent for longboarding, maybe a small fish. Try and plan around the low tide bottom out. The better exposed beach breaks, mostly north of SF will be in the chest-shoulder high+ range off the steeper NW windswell…it might actually be better to check those spots on the low tide…get a few steeper sections with less water.
Sunday looks like the best day.

We will have a mix of building S-SW swell and some new WNW energy. Most spots will jump into the waist-shoulder high+ range while the standout W facing breaks, particularly the combo spots, will see some head high sets. Look for the biggest surf in the afternoon as the swells get a chance to get going a bit better and overall shape is helped by the tide push.

Winds and weather will be ok as well. Saturday should be really nice with light offshore winds through most of the day. Sunday a little cooler but still mostly light winds through the dawn patrol. Look for W winds around 10 knots through the afternoons…particularly up by the Bay Area.

Have a great weekend! But make sure to check back…there is a decent looking storm in the South Pacific that is brewing up right now…I will put together a post on it over the next day or so.


srfnff said...

Yer teasing us NorCalians right? Are we gonna get any of this new south swell?

Adam Wright said...

It is a bit shadowed for the NorCal area. Santa Cruz will see some but it will be inconsistent and probably a bit on the small side.

If it is the only swell in the water it will keep Nor/Cen Cal from going flat...but there is a good chance at more WNW energy showing up around that time. If that is the case the SW'er will just get lost in the noise, except at the pure S facing breaks.