Friday, April 18, 2008

Waves (Uh I mean Wind) for the Weekend

This weekend is looking mighty breezy. There will be a ton of local NW windswell in the water but a lot of wind coming right in with it.

We will have a nasty mix of NW windswell and building SW swell. Most NW facing breaks will have well-overhead surf…even nearing the double-overhead range but the shape will be total garbage thanks to onshore winds in the 15-25 knot range.

The protected areas will be smaller…mostly in the waist-shoulder high range. Standout spots that can pull in at least a little of the windswell and the SW’er will be closer to head high to overhead on the sets.

At this point it looks like the winds will back off a bit on Sunday, still in the NW 10-15+ knot range though. NW facing spots will still be very sloppy, but the more protected areas will be cleaner, more organized, and the SW swell will be peaking. Wave heights will be nominally the same as Saturday but the windswell will be dropping fast at the more exposed breaks (not that it will matter).

Really if you are going to surf this weekend…stick to protected areas like Santa Cruz and Central Coast breaks…the SW swell will be fun, even on the inside sections, and they will be able to handle the funky-chicken winds.

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