Sunday, April 13, 2008

Monday’s Surf – New NW swell mix and more NW winds

Monday we will see building surf and it looks like a bunch of NW wind to go with it.

In the water we will have a mix of building WNW swell (290-310) and some increasing NW windswell along with a touch of background SW energy. Most exposed breaks will be running in the shoulder-head high+ range with sets going overhead as the windswell starts to pour it on.

Standout breaks, mostly the more exposed beach breaks around SF and further north will have sets going overhead+ at times but it looks like sloppy conditions from the get-go.

Winds start off out of the W-NW around 5-12 knots then build to about 20-25 knots by the afternoon.

With the wind picking up early and getting pretty strong by the afternoon I think that your best bet for getting waves will definitely be at the spots protected from the NW winds. Areas like many of the spots in Santa Cruz (and along the Central Coast) will be able to pick up most of the swell mix but groom out more of the wind. It will be smaller than more exposed breaks but much more rideable.

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