Friday, April 25, 2008

Weekend Surf in NorCal - New WNW swell on the way

We will have a couple of days of fun surf on tap this weekend...but conditions may get a bit squirrelly for the more exposed breaks on Sunday.

Saturday we will start with more of the leftover WNW/background S-SW swell that we have been having. Most NW facing breaks will be around waist-shoulder high. S-SW facing breaks will be closer to knee high+ on most of the sets.

Saturday afternoon new WNW swell (280-300) starts to push in...hitting the more northerly breaks first and then slowly migrating down the coast. By the end of the day W facing breaks should be up to about chest-head high on sets...even the more protected spots will be up around chest-shoulder high on the best waves.

Winds on Saturday look good for the morning...mostly out of the N around 5-10 knots for most areas. By the afternoon they shift more NW around 15+ knots.

Sunday the WNW'er will peak while the SW background energy comes up just a notch or two. Wave heights at the NW facing spots will be more consistently around chest-head high with overhead sets at the best breaks. SW facing spots will be doing ok as well holding around chest-shoulder but with more consistency than Saturday.

Winds don't look as good for Sunday, particularly at the more exposed areas. Expect those NW facing beaches to have W flow around 10-15 knots through the morning and stronger gusts coming onshore by the afternoon. You will probably want to try and find a spot with some protection...personally I would probably sacrifice a little bit of the size for the better conditions on Sunday.

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