Thursday, April 24, 2008

Friday's Surf: More leftovers

Friday will be surfable but it will be on the small side.

We will have a mix of smaller but still steady NW windswell and a couple of small pulses from the S-SW holding in the background.

The NW facing spots will be the biggest, with surf in the waist-shoulder high range coming in off the windswell. Shape won't be the greatest...winds are expected to be light early but they will be coming in out of the NW and should have bump going from the get-go.

The protected S-SW facing areas will be mostly knee-waist high as they try and squeeze a few waves out of the smaller Southern Hemi energy. Shape will be cleaner but expect a long wait between waves...and even the sets will be sort of gutless when they arrive.

I don't think it will be worth driving any sort of distance for surf tomorrow...if you happen to find a few fun waves close by jump on them...but don't waste your money, time, or gas hunting around for sketchy-quality surf.

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