Sunday, April 27, 2008

NorCal on Monday – Holding pattern

Monday isn’t looking all that different than Sunday. A few fun waves at the top spots with a bit of inconsistency and wind issues thrown in at times.

Most spots will continue to pull in a mix of W-NW energy and some background S-SW swell. The average W facing breaks will be right around chest-shoulder high+ while the more protected areas of Santa Cruz (and other SW facing breaks) will be more in the knee-chest high range…with some occasional chest high+ sets sneaking through.

Winds will start off on the light side for the Central Coast (SF Southward) but it looks like the NW flow gets a good jump on the spots up north. Look for light and variable morning winds through the southern areas while the more exposed breaks to the north see NW winds around 10-15 knots. Afternoon winds will top out close to 20-25 knots for both areas.

You are sort of stuck with the same choice you had to make all weekend…either surf a bumpier, but bigger and more consistent spot or surf a more protected area and deal with the crowd, smaller surf, and less consistent sets. Personally I would check the in-between spots that may have a bit of protection from the wind and exposure to the swell…there may be a little window for a few fun ones, particularly through the morning dawn patrol.

Keep an eye on the forecast…more WNW swell will arrive later this week.

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