Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thursday’s Surf – Still some wind but with a couple of clean pockets too

Thursday will be surfable, particularly at the more protected SW facing breaks. NW facing spots will have some wind issues (maybe they need therapy or something).

Surfwise well will continue to see a mix of strong, but steeply angled NW windswell, background S-SW energy, and a new long-period SW swell.

Most NW facing breaks will continue to see consistent overhead+ sloppy windswell waves. Shape will be pretty poor throughout the day…but you may be able to find a pocket or two at the protected breaks in the morning (don’t expect them to last long though).

SW facing spots will be in the waist-chest high+ range through the morning off the mix of windswell making it around the corner and the S-SW leftovers. New SW swell will fill in throughout the day and start to build in some bigger sets. Look for the top breaks to have some head high sets combo-ing up by sundown.

Winds are expected to be out of the NW around 5-15 knots through the morning, lightest around Santa Cruz and the Central Coast. All spots will have NW winds around 10-20 knots by the afternoon.

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