Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thursday’s Surf: The wind returns…the stupid spring wind

Thursday will be surfable but really only at the more protected breaks of Santa Cruz and the Central Coast.

We will see more WNW windswell and small background SW energy. Most W facing spots will have sloppy shoulder-head high surf while the more protected areas see some small knee-waist high waves at the top spots.

Winds are expected to build in pretty fast with W facing breaks seeing NW winds 10-20 knots developing through mid-morning. Monterey Bay will have winds closer to 5-knots out of the N, which will keep the surf much cleaner.

Unless you like to surf sloppy windswell junk then your best bet is going to be the protected spots. Unfortunately there is not a lot of swell for those areas…so you basically have to decide to break out the big boards or try and muscle through the onshore winds. If you have a little nugget of protection from the wind but exposure to the windswell that would be ideal.

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