Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thursday’s Surf – Morning Love

Thursday is looking pretty surfable (and in the playful size range) for most NorCal spots…about the only thing that could be a problem is the morning high tide (which is a 4’+ that hits around 8:30 or so).

Our surf will be fading overall on Thursday. In the water we will have a mix of still healthy but dropping WNW wind/groundswell and some smaller but slightly building SW energy.

Most breaks will hold around waist-shoulder high with a few bigger sets mixing it at the more exposed spots. Standout beach breaks will see some head high+ sets at times.

The protected areas of Santa Cruz and the Central coast will be smaller…mostly knee-waist high+ through the morning tide…but they will increase to a more consistent chest high+ as the tide drops during the afternoon.

Winds should improve overnight with light/variable to light N-NE winds setting up for the morning. Look for more onshore NW flow around 10-15+ knots for the afternoon.

Your best bet for surf will probably be those more exposed beach breaks on Thursday…particularly spots that like the windswell shape but are protected from the N-NE winds, which most spots are. You are still likely to see a lot of stacked up shape from the windswelly swell-periods but they should offer up a few dumpy corners as we move into the low tide.

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