Monday, April 14, 2008

Tuesday’s Windy Surf

Tuesday will have some more surf…but it will be pretty bumpy (basically blown out) at the more exposed breaks.

We will see that mix of WNW wind/ground swell continue to push in on Tuesday. Average areas will continue to see shoulder-overhead surf with sets going a few feet overhead at times. Conditions at these spots will likely be poor thanks to steadily increasing onshore winds.

Protected areas, like Santa Cruz and a few others along the Central Coast, will have surf in the chest-shoulder high range with a few head high and overhead sets mixing in. These areas will be cleaner compared to the more exposed beaches but expect a lot of bump even at the protected breaks.

There is a cold front moving through the area late tonight that will be driving the winds tomorrow. Forecasts are calling for NW winds 10-20+ knots for the morning and a steady 10-20 knots for the afternoon.

If you have to surf then you are going to want to head to the protected areas. The more open spots are going to be trashed…particularly if the winds stay strong late tonight. Also you may want to skip the dawn patrol…it will be cold, breezy, and there will a near 5’ high tide pushing through around 6am that is going to keep things pretty soft. I would give it a couple of hours to warm up and for that tide to drop before heading out.

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