Monday, April 21, 2008

Tuesday’s NorCal Surf – Smaller and Cleaner

We will get a chance to surf on Tuesday…even the more exposed breaks should have a slight breather from the wind.

Tuesday all of our swell takes a big step down. The NW windswell that has been driving most of our surf for the last few days backs down to about waist-chest high+ while the SW swell that has been holding in the background backs off as well.

The NW facing spots will be in the waist-chest high range with some shoulder high sets mixing it at the top breaks.

The protected breaks, mostly the sheltered points and reefs in Santa Cruz and Monterey, will be smaller…holding around knee-waist high…with a couple of slightly larger waves sneaking through at the combo breaks.

Winds will be light in the morning. Spots from SF northward will see light SE flow through the morning while Santa Cruz has light offshore breezes early. Winds will shift more Southward by the afternoon/evening and will start to bring in some scattered rain as a new low-pressure moves through late in the day.

If you have been jonesing to surf this would be a good day to get out and catch a few. The surf will be smaller but more manageable for all of the exposed beach breaks, which we don’t get very often during the spring. Hey if you find a decent sandbar it could be pretty fun on the right tides.

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