Friday, June 6, 2008

Weekend Surf - Looking a bit breezy

WNW winds continue to blow in the 15-30 knot range as we move through the weekend. In general surf looks on the poor side for most of the exposed spots (with some rare pockets possibly slipping during the early mornings).
SW spots will do better since they have a building SW swell and a bit more protection from the winds. Look for the average SW spots to see surf in the waist-chest high range while the standout SW spots will have some shoulder high+ sets on the tide-push.

I think that the summer spots in Santa Cruz, and maybe up in the North Bay, will be your best call this weekend. In general it won't be great even at those protected breaks...there will be a lot of wind in the outer waters, with some texture and bump making it to the beach in most areas. If you have to surf try and schedule it around the tide swing aiming to paddle out somewhere between the low tide trough and the peak of the high tide.

Have a great weekend!

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