Thursday, June 5, 2008

Friday’s Surf – More wind…but with some waves mixed in as well

Friday won’t be much of a surf day for most areas…but there may be a few rideable waves for the morning at the NW facing spots. The summer breaks in Santa Cruz should be rideable (but on the small side) for most of the day.

We will have a mix of strong but steep NW windswell and a slowly building SW swell. Most spots will have shoulder-head high surf from the windswell…but shape will be on the poor side thanks to the stacked up and sort of gutless nature of the swell.

Summer spots will be around knee-chest high on the morning tide push and should see some shoulder high sets sneaking through at times during the afternoon. Sets will be inconsistent but worth the wait if the spot isn’t too crowded.

Personally it doesn’t look like surf will be all that great tomorrow…the winds are going to howl during the afternoon (and should be blowing NW around 10-12 knots pretty much from sunup through mid-morning). If you have to surf I would try and get on it early, stick to the more protected spots, and keep an open mind. If you are lucky enough to have a SW facing spot nearby...then plan on getting your cleanest waves at those breaks.

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