Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wednesday’s Slop – Getting Funky Now

Wednesday will really NOT be a surf day. Onshore winds are going to turkey stomp conditions and it looks like even the most protected breaks are going to have issues.

Surf will be up but it will be almost completely windswell. Look for shoulder-overhead sizes but with really poor shape thanks to the steady onshore winds.

Look for W winds 15-25 knots through the morning along with some drizzle and patchy fog to make it even more appealing.

There may be some semi-rideable (and I use the term loosely) waves at the super-protected spots waaaaaay on the inside of some of the points in Monterey/Santa Cruz…but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Basically I wouldn’t plan on surfing even those spots unless you live right next to them (walking distance)…though if you lived that close you probably don’t care about surf forecasts that much.

Conditions do clean up later this week…there is chance at some better waves this weekend. Make sure to check back for updates.

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