Monday, June 16, 2008

Tuesday's Surf - More freaking wind

Tuesday is not looking like much of a surf day.

There may be a small window for NW facing spots early in the morning but onshore winds will tear it up for most breaks by the afternoon.

SW facing spots in Santa Cruz (and at other select areas along the Central Coast) will be the exception...they will be somewhat sheltered from the stronger NW winds and will continue to see healthy (if somewhat inconsistent) SW swell (200-225).

Most SW facing spots will see surf in the shoulder-head high range on sets while the standout SW breaks see some overhead sets mixing in on the lower tides.

NW facing spots will pull in a mix of sloppy short-period NW windswell. Most of those areas will see consistent shoulder-head high surf with some overhead sets mixing in at times as well. Shape will generally be poor thanks to the mix of jumbled up windswell and increasing onshore winds.

Your best bet is going to be the summer spots...but it probably won't be worth driving very far to get to one unless you are desperate for some semi-clean surf. Even the SW facing spots will get some wind on it by the afternoon so try and surf early enough to avoid the worst of the bump.

Finally here is a look at the CDIP swell models for the region…tomorrow will look very similar to what we are seeing today. It is worth noting though the Southern Hemi swell direction is really 200-220 (rather than 175)…for some reason CDIP has a tendency to average out the direction or get a bad data source and it gives an incorrect reading.

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