Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thursday’s Surf – More wind…wow imagine that

Thursday will be another windy day…it will be surfable at the protected spots but the exposed breaks are going to be pretty bumpy.

We will have a mix of steep NW windswell and some minor background SW swell on Thursday.

The NW facing spots will have consistent shoulder-overhead+ surf but with sloppy/poor shape thanks to the short-period nature of the swell…oh that and the onshore NW winds that will be blowing near 25+ knots…yeah those are going to suck.

SW facing spots will be working off mostly the SW swell…which will be much smaller, mostly knee-chest high at the average spots. Standout SW breaks in Santa Cruz and the Central Coast will have some inconsistent shoulder high sets on the lower tides. Expect longer waits between waves on the lower tide…and a near swamp out once the high tide fills in.

If you can try and surf the protected spots…the winds will be just a bit too strong at the exposed breaks to make it worth paddling out.

Things do get better on Friday…South winds are expected to pick up, so look for cleaner conditions at many of the more exposed spots (like many in SF). Check back tomorrow for more info.

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