Friday, June 13, 2008

Waves for the Weekend - Look there is even more SW swell!

Saturday and Sunday both look like surf days...particularly Saturday and into Sunday morning.

Saturday is going to see a mix of steady SW swell (190-220) and steep NW windswell. Most spots will continue to see chest-shoulder high surf while the standouts (both NW and SW) see shoulder-head high+ waves.

Sunday there will actually be another SW pulse (200-220) joining the mix, overlapping the existing SW swell, all of which will blend with the steady NW windswell. Sunday expect a touch more size as the average exposed breaks build into chest-head high surf and the standout NW and SW facing breaks move back into the consistent head high and overhead ranges.

Weather/Wind looks a bit better on Saturday. There will be some light S winds and dense fog on tap through the morning and then only moderate onshore winds through the afternoon.

Sunday will have building NW winds arriving early in the day and then eventually strengthening to 20-25 knots by the afternoon.

Saturday I think you will be able to pick what sort of spot you want to surf...though you will probably find the best shape at the SW facing spots and good combo breaks. Sunday I would probably plan on sticking with the summer SW spots since the NW winds will be increasing. The more protected areas will have a longer surf window, particularly if you can move to the inside sections as the winds increasing through the afternoon. Looks like Santa Cruz may be the call on Sunday (probably Monday too).

Have a great weekend and an excellent Father's Day!

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