Friday, November 16, 2007

Surfing this weekend...lots of waves on tap

We will have plenty of waves on tap over the weekend thanks to a new round of WNW swell that arrives on Saturday. This new one looks very similar to the one we just had. Lots of waves in the 6-8’ face range while standout NW breaks see some 10’+ sets. Swell periods will be in the 12-14 second range and the shape will be on the stacked-up semi-disorganized side.

Surfwise I would continue to look for the cleanest and most playful surf at spots that are a little shadowed from the main push of swell…like areas around Santa Cruz for example. I think that what you lose in wave height you will make up for in shape and rideability.

Saturday looks like it will be the best day of the weekend. Conditions start to fall apart on Sunday but it should stay fun at least through the morning. Looks like there is a chance at some rain late Sunday and into early Monday. Expect plenty of waves and what looks like cleaner conditions as we head into early next week.

Next update will be on Monday (or over the weekend if I get bored)…have a great weekend!

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