Monday, November 12, 2007

Surfing on Tuesday (New WNW swell arrives)

New WNW swell peaks on Tuesday. It will come up pretty fast overnight and will be showing some fairly solid surf for the dawn patrol.

Look for most WNW facing beaches to see fairly stacked up 6-10’ faces while the standout breaks…particularly ones that seem to work better on the medium-period swells…will have some bigger sets.

Conditions are looking decent as well. Winds are supposed to start off light…even light offshore at some spots. Expect a little more WNW bump as onshore winds as increase in the afternoon.

If you like overhead surf then Tuesday will be a good surf day for you. If big waves aren’t really your cup of tea then you may want to head to a more protected spot with breaks that can filter out a lot of the energy. The smaller spots will actually be cleaner and more organized compared to the beefier and stacked up standout breaks.

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