Thursday, November 15, 2007

Surf on Friday...conditions are looking better

The new WNW swell is moving in here this afternoon and will continue to hold into Friday. Look for many spots to continue to see head high to well overhead surf. Standout exposed breaks will go double-overhead on the bigger sets.

Weather looks cleaner in today’s forecast compared to what was being said yesterday so conditions are looking better than I expected. Look for N winds around 5-knots through the morning. Stronger W-NW winds 10-15 knots will develop by the afternoon.

Surfwise I think the best surf will roll through in the morning. Winds will be light, the swell will be peaking, and the tides aren’t horrible. Personally I would look for waves at spots that can filter out a bit of the swell energy…mostly this is a personal preference (I really only need waves to go a little bit overhead)…but I do think the swell will be on the raw side, so having a little bit of the noise bleed off may not be such a bad thing.

If you are looking for the biggest surf then look at the more open beachbreaks…particularly spots that have some deep offshore canyons to help focus the swell. I would probably plan on hitting those early in the morning…just because they will be more exposed to the onshore wind as it develops in the afternoon.

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