Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Surfing on Thursday - More WNW swell

Just a heads up…when I refer to NorCal in this blog I am really referring to the area from Monterey up to San Francisco. Areas north of SF…if I mention them…will be referred to as the Pacific Northwest.

On to the surf…Thursday is looking pretty surfable…particularly through the morning. Our current WNW swell will actually start off playful in the morning with wave heights holding in the shoulder-head high range at most breaks. A few of the standout exposed beach breaks will have some bigger sets mixing in.

New WNW swell starts filling in around lunchtime and will continue to strengthen as we head into the evening. As this new one starts going we can expect more overhead to well overhead waves at the average breaks…and some bigger waves, nearing double-overhead at the best spots.

Conditions will be mostly clean in the morning with W winds holding around 0-5 knots…W-SW winds around 10-15 knots move in through the afternoon.

Friday the WNW’er will hold but increasing SW winds will start to hamper conditions at many spots.

I think the best surf on Thursday will be at points/reefs that do well on the swell mix and the swell period (which is around 10-12 seconds). The more open beach breaks, while surfable, will be stacked up, disorganized, and a little textured as well. I would probably even keep an eye on the spots that clean up on southerly winds…if we see a wind switch early in the day it may be a good call.

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