Friday, May 9, 2008

Wind for the weekend - yes it will continue to blow (insert joke here)

The spring winds and sloppy conditions continue as we move through the weekend.

The gale force winds continue to howl in the outer waters and plenty of the breeze will make it to the beach as well.

Look for a mix of NW windswell and background S-SW swell for both days. NW facing spots see poor overhead surf. S facing breaks will have some knee-chest high surf on Saturday and maybe a touch more size on Sunday.

Neither day is looking particularly surfable...unless you stick close to the summer spots and those will be a bit bumpy even with the protection, not to mention crowded because every other spot will be blown out.

Personally I wouldn't plan on surfing...but if you live close to a S facing spot it may be worth checking a couple of times in the might be able to get a short session in.

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