Thursday, May 1, 2008

Friday's Surf - New SW swell to go with that same ol windswell

Friday will be surfable at the more protected breaks. The NW facing spots will have some consistent onshore wind and lots of bump to go with it.

Swellwise we have a mix of new long-period SW swell (200-220) and some steady (but slightly smaller) NW windswell.

Most NW facing spots will see head high+ surf but with poor shape. SW facing breaks will be closer to chest-shoulder high on inconsistent sets. The best SW combo breaks will have some head high sets mixing in at times.

Winds will be out of the NW most of the day...holding 10-20 knots from SF northward and closer to 5-15 knots as you move south towards the Monterey and Central Coast areas.

Again your best bet is going to be the protected areas...there is just too much wind and bump to make the other spots really worth surfing. Stick with the summer/springtime breaks and you should be able to pick off a few fun ones.

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